How to Prepare for A New Garage Door Installation

You have chosen the model, and you have squared everything away with your garage door installation company—now all that is left to do is wait for the exciting big day wherein your new garage door is installed, right?

Sort of! While your garage door professional will do everything in their abilities to make this process as smooth and seamless as possible for you, your garage space will still necessarily be somewhat out of commission—and for many families, this can be a bit of a struggle. This isn’t to mention the sound of the power tools! Again, your garage door professional will do everything they can to provide client comfort, tools are inherently a bit noisy, which again might require a change in routine.

So, your garage door installation day won’t be chaotic, just a little different. Here is how to get ready and get through the day seamlessly.

Clear Out the Garage 

No, it doesn’t need to be sparkling—but if you need to do some spring cleaning, go ahead! Garage door technicians need room to work as they move about on ladders and grab and lift heavy objects into place. Work can only start when they have room to operate in your garage, as otherwise there is a significant safety risk to both your garage door company technician and whatever you have stored in the space. Remember we are not talking about the entire garage, just the proximity of the garage door and the length of the rails the garage door travels on. 

To make sure your family can get back to your daily routines as soon as possible, get this done before installation day. Pull out all valuables and stash them away somewhere inside so they are safe. You should also pull vehicles out of the way and park them where they won’t get under anyone’s feet.

Consider Pet Welfare 

Though your Pup or Kitty might be beloved members of the family, they might fall by the wayside when you are busy preparing for your garage door installation. But they deserve consideration too, if not for their comfort for those who occupy the house. Nobody likes to live with a yapping, anxious pup who is terrified of what’s going on outside.

If you have a sensitive animal that does not do well with change, consider having a familiar neighbor or family member watch it in a separate location. 

Make Sure you Chat with Your Kids 

Older, school-age kids might inherently know to stay out of your garage door technicians’ way, but smaller children might be fascinated by the intricacies of garage door installation technicians’ work. To make sure your child stays safe, and that work gets done efficiently, chat with them beforehand about what will be happening to the house in the coming days. Let them ask questions but also stress to them that installing a garage door can be dangerous. 

Ensure You Are Available 

You will not need to hover around with your garage door technician; however, questions could arise that you may need to answer.  In addition, If something unexpected comes up, they’ll want to let you know and adjust the course to your liking.

Consider Where You Want Your Wall Keypads

So much focus is put on the garage door itself that many homeowners forget to choose where they want the keypad for their garage door opener to go! Whatever brand you choose, be it LiftMaster, Genie, or something else entirely, it will need to be located at an easily accessible and convenient spot outside the garage—whatever that may mean for your family. Consider your routines and if you’ve historically had issues with your previous opener during this process.

If you have difficulty selecting a spot, your garage door technician will be able to make recommendations. 

We are here to help, call Blue Jay Garage Doors at 931-330-BLUE, and we’ll offer the best and safest solution for your situation. 

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